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Notability – Notetaking Features

Gah! This post took waaayyyy longer than I intended – recording videos is harder than I thought!

So, with that introduction, I hope you enjoy the overview of all Notability’s powerful features 🙂 So as not to overwhelm you, I broke up this post into five videos outlining Notability’s more advanced notebook tools:

  1. Handwriting – Demonstrates how to keep your handwritten notes tidy. And math teachers, pay special attention to the Zoom tool. Creating solutions sheets will take half the time with this as well as the ability to export them immediately to the web 😀
  2. Typing – Gives a few good rules of thumb when typing your notes, keeping in mind to not use Notability like a word processing program.
  3. Web Clips – Walks you through Notability’s web-browser so students can bookmark all their web-based activities in the same notebook they’re using to take lecture notes.
  4. Pages – Shows you how to organize and filter your notebook to find notes more easily.
  5. Recording – My favorite FAVORITE feature. Seriously, if you are a math student, it will change your life.

But first, below is a screenshot that points out (literally) the basic menu options, which are all very intuitive. (It also includes a photo of my dog because there was too much whitespace, and Notability lets you add media, so why not?)


Without further ado, please enjoy the latest additions to my YouTube channel!