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Prayer for focus

Tomorrow is the first day of school – eek! I’m a bundle of excitement and nerves. I’m really excited for all the things I’ve learned over the summer and plan to implement; I’m nervous that everything isn’t going to go according to plan, and that my attitude may be soured by stress. My hope for the year is to foster the excitement and stay true to my good intentions. I hope the same for all of you, and I found this nice prayer to keep in mind:

Fractal-Art-WallpaperGod, help me to focus on what is really important.
Help me to focus on what will give life.
Help me to focus on what promotes
justice and peace.

Help me to let go of all the
little things that don’t matter.

I hope that we all keep in our hearts what’s most important in our lives when the day-to-day stresses distract us, and I will send all my fellow teachers good thoughts and prayers for the upcoming school year!


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